Pub. 63 2021-2022 Issue 1

A Message From TADA President Darren Whitehurst

TADA continuously educates and fosters relationships with elected officials year-round, relaying their industry’s concerns about legislation and regulation that impacts each and every one of our franchised dealers.

For the first time since 2016, the Texas Automobile Dealers Association has performed workshops in different regions of the state to discuss regulatory, legal and legislative issues of importance to Texas dealers. Our current TADA Chair, Joe Chastang, felt the workshops were a great way to visit dealers across the state about all the work TADA was doing on behalf of Texas dealers and hear from dealers about their difficulties and challenges. Despite the numerous business successes achieved by dealers in 2022, there are growing concerns with the economy, interest rates, new manufacturer programs specifically targeting the sale of electric vehicles, inventory levels, increases in regulatory burdens, and numerous legislative challenges at the state and federal levels.

These challenges all highlight the importance of the association working diligently to ensure that dealers continue to have a great environment to operate their businesses and achieve success wherever they reside. The foundation of our team effort includes dealerships of all sizes and business models, our local metro associations, and other proponents across the state committed to a strong franchise dealer system. Our success at the local, state and federal levels ultimately begins at the relationship level and is community-based with dealers.

The latest iteration of our journey starts with the upcoming 2022 elections. Early voting for the Nov. 8, 2022, General Election begins on October 24 and ends on November 4. Voter turnout, specifically TADA member participation, is vitally important in many races across the state. TADA educates and fosters relationships with elected officials and state agencies year-round, relaying our industry’s concerns about legislation and regulation and its impact upon each and every one of our franchised dealers. While this work is extremely important to our success, it is also our responsibility to get out during elections and vote for those elected officials who have supported us.

Please make a plan to cast your ballot and encourage your employees, community members, and as many people as possible to vote. If you have any questions about the candidates the TADA PAC has supported, refer to the TADA Legislative Newsletter sent on Monday, Oct. 24, 2022. For polling locations and sample ballots, please visit And to determine your representatives, go to

In addition to the workshops, TADA has been conducting regional legislative visits across the state, updating and educating members and pertinent Texas House and Senate committees on issues that impact us the most. These touchpoints have allowed us to engage in more in-depth conversations about the robust businesses of the Texas franchised automobile dealers.

Members of the TADA Legislative Committee will be meeting in mid-November to finalize the key priorities that the association will focus on during the session, so stay tuned for updates from that meeting. We will be discussing the proactive measures we intend to pursue as well as any defensive actions we need to take.

The 88th Texas Legislative Session quickly follows the general election and is set to convene at noon on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023, and meets for 140 calendar days. You are welcome to visit anytime, particularly during the session, and we are happy to introduce you to the legislative process. Please also remember to connect with TADA on social media — on Facebook @TexasAutomobile Dealers Association and Twitter @autodealerstx — to keep up-to-date with what is happening.

Thank you for all you do for TADA, your communities, customers, employees and our state. I so much appreciate your support in the past to ensure the success of Texas dealers, and look forward to many future endeavors together. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or insights that you want to share.